About us

TRANSPORTATION is an integral part of our lives that help us to make our day to day activity productive, comfortable, and enjoyable. When we travel to Nepal, OR someone who is in Nepal but would like to go around in different location, and we don’t own our own vehicle, we either depend on public transportation OR ask people we know to arrange for a vehicle. The hassle and hurdle we go through to manage our trip a very comfortable and enjoyable are not quantifiable. We have gone through this many times, and we know you have gone through as well. The idea of ‘nrncars’ was born to solve this problem without adding more vehicles on the road.

As explain above, there is no good platform/service provider to find a rental car for travelers in Nepal, while with rising expenses car owners would like to make some extra money by renting their car while they are not using. Our Idea is to provide an unique platform where any vehicle owners can post their vehicle for rent and travelers will be able to book their trustable rental vehicle though our NRNCARS platform.

  • Vehicle Owner: Users who can post their vehicles for rent while they are not being used and earn extra money.
  • Travelers: Users who can use the platform to search and book a vehicle of their choice for their trip.

An US registered in the state of Delaware and in Nepal as a separate entity of mDev Solutions Pvt, Ltd, we with NRNCARS now to provide you an excellent services, and platform for this core value. We will continue to add more features in coming months and promise our customers to provide the best platform.

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List your car and upload supporting documents. We will verify and approve your car. You have total control on the dates and availability of your car. It is completely free to list your car.