1. Are passengers allowed to drive?

    No. Drivers will be provided by the car’s owner. Only

  2. What happens if the car owner cancels my trip?

    We always expect owners to honor confirmed trips, but we also understand that trips occasionally need to be cancelled for reasons outside the owner’s control. For such instances, owners are able to cancel booked trips on the website when absolutely necessary.

    When a booked trip is cancelled, you will be informed via mail. You will have two option,

    • To book another car : You will be redirected to the search result page based on the dates of your trip. On selection of new car, total booking amount will be calculated. If the total amount is greater than your paid amount, you will be requested to pay the additional amount.(For example, let’s say you have paid $1000 for your first booking, on doing next booking your total amount is $1200, then you will requested to pay $200.). If the total amount is less than the amount you have already paid, you will be refunded the remaining amount (Say you have paid $1000 for your first booking, on doing next booking your total amount is $800, then you will requested to pay $200.)
    • To refund the amount: You can ask for the refund, your total amount will be refunded within 7 days.

    In some cases, our customer support team may reach out to provide further assistance. If you need immediate assistance, give us a call at +977-1234567890 and we’d be happy to help!

  3. Do I get any money back if I end a trip early?

    No as per general policy, but as per the policy if the cancellation are as per the condition stated on the policy statement, you will receive the money back after deduction of all the incurred expenses.

    But, once the trip has started, you need to pay the whole amount.

  4. What should I expect at the time of pick up?

    Upon arrival, either its your preferred location or Airport, the driver will be there for pick up. Then you can enjoy your trip.

  5. What if the car is dirty when I pick it up ?

    Owners are advised to make sure that their car is cleaned prior to the start of your trip. If you are concerned with the cleanliness of the car upon picking it up, we encourage you to provide the feedback to the owner so that they are aware.

  6. What if the car is not on time ?

    The owner are informed to make their car available 24 hours before the actual time of trip to start. If any case the car is not available in time, please call TAAHO we will work with owner OR manage another car as soon as possible.

  7. What if there is an issue with the car when I pick it up?

    Owners are advised to maintain their car before pick up and check all its systems. If the car still has problem, driver will inform TAAHO and we will manage another car. Also you can add comments in feedback for that car owner.

  8. Do you have any cars I can smoke in?

    No, we do not have any cars in our marketplace that allow smoking.

  9. How do I extend a trip?

    If you need to extend the trip, first of all driver will consult with if the car owner will approve if the trip extends.

    • If the car owner approves, then the customer can login in our system, update the booking information and pay the additional cost.
    • If the car owner denies, then the customer needs to book another available car.

    Vehicle MUST be extended via taaho website, if found extending the cars without using taaho, both the car owner and renter will be prohibited to use taaho in future. Their ID will be immediately blocked and moved to our black listed customer database.

  10. What happens if I get a ticket?

    As driver is provided by car owners, you will not have to worry about it.

  11. Can I rent more than one car at a time?strong

    At this time ‘No’, you may only rent one car at a time. You are, therefore, also unable to have multiple pending trip requests out for different vehicles with times that overlap.

  12. Can I drive out of the country?

    No, you are not allowed to take the car out of country.

  1. When do I pay for the trip?

    You need to pay at the time of booking. If you cancel the booking your amount will be refunded based on our refund policy.

  2. Do you require a security deposit?

    Yes, you need to pay security deposit. Security deposit is 10% of total trip cost.

  3. What payment methods do you accept?

    TAAHO accept cards mentioned as per in payment policy.

  1. What are the eligibility requirements?

    Anyone can register in TAAHO, but TAAHO will have all the rights to suspend or deleted the registered user. Please view the registration policy.

  2. How do I join?

    Join us by signing up for an account using your Facebook account, Google+ address, or with your personal email address. Once you’ve created an account and verified you can login in our system. Please remember that the email address you use (be it your Facebook account's email address, your Google+ email address, or your personal email address) is our primary method of communication with you, so you'll want to make sure you check that email regularly!

  3. How long does the application process take for verification of cars?

    If you are listing your cars, and you have provided all the required documents, you account will be verified within 24 hours.

  4. What to do if you are unable to access your account

    If you are not able to access your account, please do not create a new account. TAAHO requires that each member have only one account. You can go through resetting your password and get the existing credential back for log in.

    If you created your account through Facebook or Google+, please make sure you use the related email address.

  5. Additional pictures that might be needed for Identity Verification

    For listing your car you need to upload scanned copy of your vehicle’s document as per the registration policy. Also you will be asked to upload your driver’s license. Until and unless all your document are uploaded and verified by TAAHO, you will not be allowed to make your vehicle available for renting. Please view the listing vehicle policy, please make sure upload all valid documents.

  1. Do I need my own insurance?

    It is not mandatory to have your own insurance. TAAHO will give you the option to register for an insurance or not. If you do not have any insurance, TAAHO will hold no liability in case of accident or any other casualties.

    If you want an insurance then you need to visit TAAHO’s office for all the paper works. TAAHO will be partnering with local Insurance companies.

  2. Am I responsible for a flat tire?

    No, you will not be responsible for the flat tire. It is the responsibility of the Vehicle Owner.

  3. How does insurance work? What am I responsible for if I have an accident?

    Please refer to the customer’s insurance policy.

  1. How does TAAHO work?
    For Renter:

    Sign up Sign up for TAAHO with Facebook, Google, or your email. We will verify your identify and get you all set up quickly. Find the perfect car Enter your travel dates and search for the car of your choice. Book it Book the car of your choice. All cars come with a driver, so you can have hassle free travel experience while you visit Nepal for pleasure or business. Modify booking All booking can be modified free of charge upto 72 hours of your actual travel date.

    For Car Owner

    Sign up Sign up for TAAHO with Facebook, Google, or your email. We will verify your identify and get you all set up quickly. List your car for Free List your car and upload supporting documents. We will verify and approve your car. You have total control on the dates and availability of your car. It is completely free to list your car. Accept booking Once the renter books your car, you will be notified of the booking. Simply, accept the booking and you are all set. Provide a good experience to client Meet and greet your guest, give them the best rental experience. Earn good rating and reviews to be on the top of the search list. Earn money Most important: earn money for the time that your car would otherwise be idle.

  2. What documents do I need to present at the time of pickup?

    At the time of pickup you need to show the driver your booking confirmation number or the mail sent by TAAHO

  3. When do I pay for my booking?

    You must pay at the time of booking. Please reading the booking policy

  4. How does pickup and drop off work?

    While booking a vehicle you will be asked to select a pickup location and time. The options are at airport or at your location. If you select airport, then the car will be available at the airport and pick you up from there.

    If you select pick up at my location, you need to provide your address and a local contact number.

    At drop off you may ask the driver to drop you at the airport or at your location, but it should be within the booking time frame.

  5. Am I responsible for paying for gas?

    At time of booking the car will be provided with full gas, so at time of returning the car you must return with full gas.

  6. Who pays for the parking charges and tolls?

    Customers are requested to pay for the parking charges and incurred tolls.

  7. When is my trip "Booked"?

    When you book a car, the car owner is notified that the car has been booked. At this time your booking is in pending state “Waiting for car owner to approve”. Once the car owner approves the booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email. At this time your trip is booked.

  8. Can I close my account?

    Currently there is no provision for user to delete their profile or account. All the user related terms are governed by User Content policy.